Can we build it? Yes we can!

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“...a pair of papers in the journal Energy Policy by Stanford’s Mark Z. Jacobson and UC Davis’ Mark A. Delucchi, … “Providing all global energy with wind, water, and solar power:” Part 1 deals with the physical issues and Part 2 the economics. The conclusion of their exhaustive research is that is it entirely possible to run the entire world on wind, water (hydro-electricity) and solar power (both PV and concentrated thermal) by 2050. And they aren’t restricting themselves to the electrical grid. This includes replacing all fossil fuels with batteries and fuel cells… [Emphasis added — FmH]


How will we build it? Well, the numbers at first look daunting…. But given how rapidly a modern industrial nation can build things like tanks and airplanes — as the American experience during the Second World War proves — the author’s argument that we DO have the technology is pretty convincing.” (via Class M}.