Ekstra Bladet – ‘Gelwan E’: Kan du løse koden?

[Image 'er er Jellingestenen i computeranimeret original - FØR grafitti-hærværket. ' cannot be displayed]Do I have any readers who are fluent in Danish? This came to my attention today. The (very imperfect) Google translation seems to say something about the words ‘Gelwan E’ defacing a historic monument:

“‘Gelwan E’: can you resolve code? At the weekend, unknown perpetrators painted grafitti on the so-called Denmark’s appear, Jellingestenen. The word was: Gelwan E11:49, 14. feb 2011 | anders Kjærulffadvertisementhere is Jellingestenen in computeranimeret original – before grafitti-consider. Here is Jellingestenen in computeranimeret original – before grafitti-consider. *LAST of the nation*Valentines-day? Is there a new kind beer?15:27*’Gelwan E’: can you resolve code?11:49*the red must live with lokum in gården11:02*Birthe Rønn suffers from an even had the effrontery syge15:19*roll – the shot on the Taliban 4:51 PM*Hesteslagteren ask for more penge16:23*klamt: great hair-tot in arla-kartonen15:20*Muslim: sin of you who do not understand moskeer14:09*Father Rescued unemployed søn13:33*Pyha – must still keep her tasker16:17*Birthe Rønn went cold on direct TV13:32*NEW DR: Storbarmede vejrpiger11:19*Sexarbejder: I will also pay skat10:42*harsh criticism of Læsper Grønkjær10:19*has Wilbek Flattened delight in landsholdsfodbold? 10:04ADVERTISEMENT56KommentarerKommentérarticle here! Part of Messengerpart onMessenger! 25 CM HIGH letters by the word ‘GELWAN E’ was written in the largest of the old Stone around year 965 was raised by Harald Blåtand. The less stone, Gorms stone, a jernkors, which are at site, as well as kirkedøren to Jelling Church was there sprayet. Disrespectful- it is clear that in the case of our all historic monuments, then we will do us extra effort to find the perpetrators. This is an utter IDIOTIC action, and I think that even, that the sort will win respect in after-circles. On the contrary. It is all, says Commissioner his Hoffensetz, which is head of section of fraud in leads police force, which Jelling. What? Whom? But what does Gelwan E – or perhaps Gelwane? We are trying to the network will be applicable remote reply – there are several called Gelwane on Facebook, but they do not work as someone who could have something to consider that do? Who or what is Gelwan E? By du something? Have you a guess? Write including!”

I have an obvious curiosity about this and would appreciate anyone who could shed any light on this for me. Can you give me a more reasonable translation from the Danish? Thanks.

Longtime FmH readers may know, from past postings here,  of my intermittent interest in searching out other “Gelwans”, it being a very rare name. This incident and the post above raises an angle I had never considered; could “Gelwan” also have some relationship with “Gelwane“, a better-represented surname on the web?

Addendum: a slightly better translation from the Microsoft translation service:

” ‘ Gelwan ‘ E: Can you fix the code?

Over the weekend have unknown perpetrators painted graffiti on what are known as Denmark’s birthright, Jellingestenen. The word was: Gelwan E

Here is Jellingestenen in the computer-animated original-BEFORE graffiti-desecration.

25 cm high letters with the words: ‘ GELWAN E ‘ was written on the largest of the old stones, which around the year 965 was raised by Harald I of Denmark.
Also the smaller stones, Gorms stone, a jernkors, standing by the monuments, as well as the Church of Jelling Church, there were sprayet on.

-It is clear that in the case of our historical monuments belongs to, so we make us extra due diligence to identify perpetrators. It is a culture of idiotic action, and I think not even that the kind of want to win respect in graffiti-circles. On The Contrary. It is disruptive, says politikommissær His Hoffensetz, there is a section head in should be strengthened in Vejle police, who Jelling is subject.

What? Whom?
But what does the Gelwan E-or maybe Gelwane? To search on the net you get immediately very peripheral response-there are several named Gelwane on Facebook, but they don’t work as any that might have something to do with the desecration?

Who or what is Gelwan E? Do you know something? Do you have a guess? Type including!”

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