Bitterness: The Next Mental Disorder?


No one could accuse the American Psychiatric Association of missing a strain of sourness in the country, or of failing to capitalize on its diagnostic potential. Having floated “Apathy Disorder” as a trial balloon, to see if it might garner enough support for inclusion in the next edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the world’s diagnostic bible of mental illnesses, the organization has generated untold amounts of publicity and incredulity this week by debating at its convention whether bitterness should become a bona fide mental disorder.” (Psychology Today)


One thought on “Bitterness: The Next Mental Disorder?

  1. Republicans and their Heritage Foundation clan aren’t bitter, “Bitterness” could be the next catch all malady like ADHD and I may as well use a D&D Monster Manual to define metal maladies??


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