The Burning Question of the Heavy Boots

“I decided to settle this question once and for all. Therefore, I put two multiple choice questions on my Physics 111 test, after the study of elementary mechanics and gravity…” via www.phys.ufl.edu.

One thought on “The Burning Question of the Heavy Boots

  1. I’ve thought for some time that unless we get much more scientific and mathematical literacy into the general population, we are doomed. This shows the problem is even worse. College students don’t even have a basic level of science knowledge.

    Then again, why should I be surprised that Sturgeon’s law applies just as much to college students as it does to everything else?

    (For the confused: When being assaulted at a convention for having written a story that wasn’t as good as his other work, science fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon allegedly remarked that “90% of everything is crap”.)


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