4 thoughts on “Magnetic alignment in grazing and resting cattle and deer

  1. egelwan 14 Apr 09 / 10.54 pm

    What? No comments? Don’t you find this f***ing amazing?


  2. Charles 15 Apr 09 / 1.40 pm

    Well, I guess it’s sort of amazing in that there isn’t any obvious survival reason for cows to be able to find north. On the other hand, my first thought was: birds not only can identify north and south, they can navigate to the same breeding and feeding grounds year after year.


  3. egelwan 16 Apr 09 / 7.50 pm

    That was why, in my post, I asked why in the world it might be. And I find it curious that no one had ever noticed it before, given that we have worked closely with cattle for aeons.


  4. Charles 17 Apr 09 / 10.06 am

    A careful re-reading of the article reveals that it only claims cattle and deer align themselves north-south, not that they all face north. This might be less noticeable. Could there be something about cattle and deer physiology that makes them less stable when oriented with the rotation of the earth rather than 90 degrees away?


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