Shit Happens?

That’s essentially what Atrios said about the shooting of the Italians, shit happens in a war zone. Chalk it up to chaos. Readers comment here. The point he should have made: this is another graphic illustration of what happens when our little chimp of a president lies and overwhelmed little boys armed to the hilt end up in a warzone without a point to it, where they are beleaguered 24-7 and their twitchy trigger fingers will go off at the first sign of a speeding car bearing down on them. Although I hope this helps open people’s eyes (for instance, Berlusconi’s) about the quagmire, it is also a damnable shame that this is getting more attention than the myriad of similar incidents in which it is not white Europeans but Iraqis who are killed and wounded every week.

On the other hand, maybe this is even more insidious than it is being made out to be, and has been orchestrated by the same people who brought you Abu Ghraib, the coldblooded executions of Saddam Hussein’s sons, and hundreds of other war crimes they have lied about.