Bill O’Reilly is at it again

From Stay Free! :

“You’d think Bill O’Reilly and his goons would have learned something after the disaster of a lawsuit against Al Franken. But no, the company that syndicates O’Reilly’s column, is trying to bully a weblog into removing links to an O’Reilly column, under the guise of copyright violation. That’s right: Creators Syndicate has sent a cease and desist letter to Newshounds for merely linking to this column.

According to Lawrence Lessig, these threats have no basis in the law, thanks to a Ticketmaster ruling concluding that Hypertext Linking does not violate Copyright.

Inspired by this brouhaha, we were going to suggest that bloggers out there to find an O’Reilly column you really, really hate and link to it. But apparently Creators Synidicate has been so successful in keeping O’Reilly’s past columns offline (they’re available only to paid subscribers from O’Reilly’s website) that we can’t find many. So here’s the offending link again. Enjoy.”

I am posting this to join the ranks of those responding to the suggestion to link to O’Reilly in defiance.