Cat And Mouse Game Over Iran

“The U.S. Air Force is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Iran’s ayatollahs, flying American combat aircraft into Iranian airspace in an attempt to lure Tehran into turning on air defense radars, thus allowing U.S. pilots to grid the system for use in future targeting data, administration officials said.

‘We have to know which targets to attack and how to attack them,’ said one, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The flights, which have been going on for weeks, are being launched from sites in Afghanistan and Iraq, and are part of Bush administration attempts to collect badly needed intelligence on Iran’s possible nuclear weapons development sites, these sources said, speaking on condition of strict anonymity.” (Spacedaily)

And: related story from The Guardian.

Target Iran: How Likely Is a U.S. First Strike?

“Many say the possibility of military conflict between the United States and Iran, which Washington believes seeks to develop nuclear weapons, is now growing. While verbal warfare between Washington and Tehran is nothing new, international pundits point to a number of recent developments, large and small, that suggest rhetorical bombshells could give way to the real thing.” (Washington Post) Are the American people going to let the Bush dysadministration open the next front in the imperial neverending war? You bet they are; 42% and counting already in support, and the propaganda blitz hasn’t even started yet. If you oppose this expansion of American aggression, the time is now to begin building effective opposition to the war machine.