A small speculative fantasy about an alternate universe

Thanks to Steve for sending me a pointer to this column by Jon Carroll in yesterday’s SF Chronicle. I am sure it is because Steve recognized that I would feel Carroll had nailed right on the head the big picture of what Bush and co. are up to. It is not that hard to follow, makes perfect sense and is, in fact, inarguable from my vantage point. As Carroll ends the piece, “A small speculative fantasy about an alternative universe. Nothing to see here, really. Move along.”

An Open Letter to Ralph Nader

“Dear Ralph,

According to the latest news reports, you’ve pushed up your self-imposed deadline for announcing your decision about an independent 2004 presidential campaign from the end of January to mid-February. We’re glad to hear that, because maybe it means you’re still not sure about the best path to follow. For the good of the country, the many causes you’ve championed and for your own good name–don’t run for President this year.”

—The Editors, The Nation

World Economic Forum:

Hostility grows over US stance: “If Europeans realize that American primacy is something they have to live with, the reality of Iraq is forcing the Bush administration to climb down from its disdain of the United Nations and international cooperation. Thus sending the administration’s archduke of anti-United Nations sentiment, Vice President Cheney, into the lions’ den of Davos was a bold move. He put his best foot forward, but little in his speech to the forum convinced doubters that the Bush administration’s doctrine of preemptive force would end anytime soon, even as the Bush administration begged for UN help with Iraqi elections.

Nor did Cheney leave much hope that the United States was going to step up its efforts to secure a settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian problem.” —H.D.S. Greenway, Boston Globe op-ed