Let’s Pull a Jeffords?

The Rittenhouse Review suggests we might focus some attention on some Republican senators who might be inclined to put distance between themselves and Lott. “In the event that Sen. Lott declines to resign or even to apologize for having heaped praise upon the 50-year-old, thoroughly discredited, and unconscionably heinous agenda of the 100-year-old, quasi-corpse known as Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), the refusal of Sens. Chafee, McCain, Snowe, and Specter to abandon the oh-so-cleverly-subtle racist enterprise that is today’s Republican Party will speak volumes, not only about American politics today, but about political power generally and the morality and character of these particular senators.” Addendum: Later that day, RR notes, Arlen Spector, who never fails to disappoint, stated, “His comment was an inadvertent slip, and his apology should end the discussion.”