You Are Not Alone:

What Science Can Tell Us About the Experience of Unexplainable Presence

Unexplainable presence neurosciencce public jpg‘Researchers explain the neuroscience behind why we sometimes feel the presence of another when we are alone in an empty room…

Despite its century-old origins, the science of felt presence has really only just begun. In the end, scientific research may give us one over-arching explanation, or we may need several theories to account for all these examples of presence. But the encounters people described in Phantasms of the Living aren’t phantoms of a bygone age. If you’re yet to have this unsettling experience, you probably know someone who has..’

— via Neuroscience News


Related? Third Man Syndrome: The weird phenomenon extreme mountain climbers experience

A424b33da49faeeef20dfac400a3d833a39e9e04‘I’ll come clean: I’m a complete cynic. I don’t believe in the paranormal, apparitions, or any of that side of things. But even I struggle to explain away the phenomenon that so many mountain climbers have experienced — notably Frank Smythe, who was tantalizingly close to being the first person to climb Mount Everest, and Joe Simpson, the man who wrote Touching the Void. So is Third Man Syndrome some sort of guardian angel, or perhaps a shared hallucination brought about by stress?…’

— Tom Kilpatrick via The Manual

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