This AI Will Create a ‘SparkNotes’ Summary of Any Article

UnknownWordtune Read is a web app that will take any document and summarize it for you. It doesn’t take many liberties with the text, and you can watch it work as it moves through the document.

You can see where Wordtune Read got its information from, so you can check the accuracy of any given AI summary.

It summarises articles from the web as if they were facts, and cuts in and out as it would any other information. It’s not great for summarizing dramatic or narrative articles or stories, but if you know that going in, you can use it accordingly.

Wordtune Read’s free tier is limited to three scans per month, but the premium version offers unlimited document length, priority processing, and priority support.

— via This AI Will Create a ‘SparkNotes’ Summary of Any Article

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