Can the Republican establishment stop trump in 2024?

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‘Both the Club for Growth — an anti-tax group — and the donor network created by the billionaire Koch brothers plan to intervene in the GOP presidential primaries, the New York Times recently reported, and both hope to turn the page on the former president. But it’s not clear whether they will endorse one specific alternative to trump and, if so, who that would be, with several other Republicans expected to enter the race.

As many are pointing out, that would be a familiar scenario. The Atlantic’s McKay Coppins writes that “a sprawling cast of challengers could just as easily end up splitting the anti-trump electorate, as it did in 2016, and allow trump to win primaries with a plurality of voters.”

Politico’s David Freedlander opened a recent article citing an anonymous Republican donor’s worries “that once again donald trump will prevail over a splintered Republican field.” The New York Times’s Shane Goldmacher, too, wrote that “a fractured field” could “clear the way” for trump to win with just “a fraction of the party base.”…’

— via Vox

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