Why we all need subtitles now

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‘Gather enough people together and you can generally separate them into two categories: People who use subtitles, and people who don’t. And according to a not-so-scientific YouTube poll we ran on our Community tab, the latter category is an endangered species — of respondents who are not deaf or hard of hearing, 57 percent said they use subtitles, while just 12 percent said they generally don’t.

But why do so many of us feel that we need subtitles to understand the dialogue in the things we watch?

The answer to that question is complex — and we get straight to the bottom of it in this explainer, with the help of dialogue editor Austin Olivia Kendrick….’

— via Vox

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One thought on “Why we all need subtitles now

  1. Thanks for this. It’s really bad when so many people who aren’t elderly or otherwise hard of hearing are turning on subtitles (although I notice subtitles have improved vastly). I hope someone’s writing research papers about the conflation of mumbling with verisimilitude in acting classes, since actors’ enunciation is one of the few non-technical things involved here. Marlon Brando has a lot to answer for (and I’ve attended unmiked Shakespeare performances by Method actors; Method acting doesn’t preclude speaking audibly).


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