Follow Me Here to remain at least vaguely reprehensible

There’s this anonymous reader, about whom I wrote here in the past, who’s continuing to rate every post even remotely critical or contemptuous of trump with 1 star.

I had considered dispensing with the ratings system. Any cogent reaction to a post ought to result in a comment rather than just a click on a star, since my followers are by and large articulate and intelligent readers. But I thinkI have decided to keep the ratings widget because I am kind of enjoying seeing that I get under at least one person’s skin that much. I personally am a fan of righteous anger (as if that wasn’t already obvious to my readers) even if misguided. So my critic should keep it up! I promise the negative posts about the Twice-Impeached Molester-in-Chief will continue.

So so sorry there is no way to arrange for you to indicate a ‘0’ star rating, since that would probably suit you more.

Someone suggested facetiously that the shitposter might be trump himself. If you’re reading this, now that your social media access has been largely axed, rest assured that you still have access to FmH. Keep ’em comin’!

Or you can even expand your activity here. For instance, the obituary below is about a person of color. That get under your skin too? Why not downrate it as well?

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One thought on “Follow Me Here to remain at least vaguely reprehensible

  1. “Twice-Impeached Molester-in-Chief” – sounds like hip hop. Say, didn’t I hear you rapping on the soundtrack of Impeachment 2: Insurrection Boogaloo?


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