We in the ‘shallow state’ thought we could help.

Instead, we obscured the reality of a Trump presidency.

Isgur+head+shot‘Last month, President Trump lost his bid for reelection. Hundreds of his appointees will soon be leaving the government, including some who didn’t vote for him in 2016 or 2020. What are you to make of the Trump skeptics who joined the administration thinking they could temper his worst instincts?…’

— Sarah Isgur, director of the Justice Dept Office of Public Affairs from 2017-2018, via The Washington Post

However, there is a storm of reaction onTwitter, e.g. ‘I remember Isgur from her frequent appearances as a surrogate for Trump and the GOP. To my recollection there was no one meaner, dirtier or happier to provide misinformation.’ In particular, she appears to have been an enthusiastic apologist for the child separation program. We may be on the verge of a torrent of self-serving revisionist attempts by people who served trump. On the other hand, numerous innocent would-be do-gooders may be exiting the Washington bureaucracy in confessional disillusionment. As with Isgur, it may be a badge of distinction to have actually been fired by trump. 

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