The benefits of embracing ‘deep time’ in a year like 2020

‘In times of global crisis, focusing on the present is justified. Yet as we move into 2021, there is good reason to spend some time also reflecting on our place within the longer-term past and future. For one, there remain creeping problems that we cannot ignore, such as climate change, antibiotic resistance or biodiversity loss. But also because contemplating deeper time can help replenish our mental energies during adversity, and offer a meditative source of catharsis amid the frenzy of the now….’

— Vincent Ialenti via BBC Future

One thought on “The benefits of embracing ‘deep time’ in a year like 2020

  1. Loren Eiseley’s book — all of them — put into practice the general notions of this article, but if the article’s author knows about them, I’m surprised he doesn’t both acknowledge and recommend them.


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