Could trump Just Fade Away?

Months ago trump predicted the coronavirus would just’ fade away.’ Fittingly, it is suggested he might be the one fading away. David A. Graham, writing in The Atlantic , finds it remarkable that America is already paying much less attention to trump while cautioning that “this is not license for the nation to let down its guard.”

Yascha Mounk makes the case that “the odds that Americans will grow bored with the ever more histrionic antics of the sore loser they just kicked out of office are pretty good.”

But “we’ll likely learn a lot more than we know now” about trump’s execrable deeds both before and during his White House tenure, Timothy Noah predicts.

— via The Atlantic

Although all of us in the Atlantic-reading half of the country are relieved we can ignore him as we should have done long ago, and avert our eyes in contempt and embarrassment from his pitiful buffoonery, we represent less of a consensus in our inherently schismatic society than we would like to believe. I am much less sanguine about the death of trumpism, and certainly don’t feel he will retreat into a mortified loser’s silence whether he announces his 2024 candidacy soon or not (I think there’s a good chance he may stage a counter event simultaneous with the Inauguration) … and whether or not he is trying to wield his influence from behind bars, as I hope. Much more likely his continuing reality show will get far better ratings than previous versions by playing to the audience of 70 million cult members he now captivates, whether the mainstream media manages to persevere in their newfound skill at ignoring him.

Now: how do we make sure he is not even a footnote in the history books?

3 thoughts on “Could trump Just Fade Away?

  1. Paraphrase of “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” comes to mind, with a sense of foreboding.


  2. “…70 million cult members…” what a horse’s ass.
    The one definite thing for which President Trump should be prosecuted and jailed, you never bring up here, the execution of 8 year old Nawar al-Awlaki by U.S special forces. I suppose that’s because the operation to take out an 8 year old American citizen by its timing was most certainly planned during one of Obama’s Tuesday afternoon predator drone execution selection coffee clatches. And that would mean prosecuting and imprisoning one sophisticated narcissist (amidst the present public process of beatification) beside an unsophisticated narcissist.
    Which begs the question, what then to do with the 80 million members of the opposing cult?


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