‘He won’ — Trump admits election loss to Biden on Twitter

‘That’s it, folks. Trump admits loss… Donald Trump just tweeted “He won”, meaning Joe Biden, and the recent presidential election — followed by a bunch of garbage lies…’

— Via Boing Boing

I have to disagree with Xeni Jardin, writing on Boing Boing on the import of this. Trump’s admission of defeat is just a reflection of the narcissistic blow we knew he took whether he said so or not. (See my post below about his noticeable greying.) His clumsy and pathetic effort to avoid the mortification of admitting he is a loser may have foundered, but more significant is his persisting capacity to take down American democracy with his response to his humiliation. Nearly fifty million of his followers believe the abiding message of the remainder of his tweet that the election was rigged (regardless of his Ignorance about How to Use Capitalization). All indications are that the GOP will continue to act as if that was the case for the foreseeable future. And, to paraphrase Twain, the reports of the death of the GOP have been greatly exaggerated.

By the way, it doesn’t matter that Twitter “blocks” assertions like the above and labels his claims about election fraud “disputed.” Soon they’ll all be talking to themselves and reinforcing their rage on Parler instead, which I am optimistic will remain an echo chamber without any influence on the broader mentality. It is a good sign that the major media have — too little, too late — finally adopted the practice of cutting away from trump’s spokespeople as soon as they start to spout their blatant lies, after featuring trump’s deranged tweets for four years because of their entertainment value. With any luck they will not dignify with any attention what is said on a medium whose founding principle is that it encourages misinformation!

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