Trump Just Made A Fatal Mistake

Amir Stepak:

‘Throughout Donald Trump’s time in office, pundits have made a habit of declaring the latest scandal his point of no return. There was the Russia investigation, the hush money, the Charlottesville protests and Trump’s racist remarks, the border cages, the Giuliani-Ukraine debacle, the impeachment, the incompetent response to Coronavirus, the Russian bounties, the economic recession, and many others.

Yet, time and again, Trump has defied the prognosticators. He’s never been a popular president, but his hold on his base has been steadfast.

Which is why I completely understand your skepticism as I say the following: Trump’s recent acknowledgement that he’s holding up critical USPS funding for political reasons will likely doom his reelection prospects….’

— via Medium

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One thought on “Trump Just Made A Fatal Mistake

  1. twice burned, thrice shy, tired and impatient as hell with everything about the current Congress and administration, I call BullSHIT on this article. It contains it’s own proof of that: “if Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans respond with even a modicum of competence, it’s hard to see how Trump can come back from this one.” The only credible signal of Trump having gone too far is explicit, public loss of GOP support, period. That has not happened and there’s no evidence that it’s likely to happen.


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