James Mattis Denounces Trump as Threat to Constitution

‘In an extraordinary condemnation, the former defense secretary backs protesters and says the president is trying to turn Americans against one another….’

— Via The Atlantic

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One thought on “James Mattis Denounces Trump as Threat to Constitution

  1. Extraordinary how?
    Mattis, himself a miniature authoritarian nutjob, is a viciously grotesque subhuman, but you got to love the attempt to humanize this monster with the fawning, softly lit portrait.
    Mattis authored the dismissal of charges against his fellow Marines who systematically murdered 24 “innocents” in the Haditha Massacre.
    Mattis is the architect of the Fallujah siege and massacre, War Crimes of the highest order.
    My congressman, John Murtha, and I went after Mattis and his crew from the Haditha massacre. By doing so, Murtha may have paid the ultimate price by the botched surgery performed at the National Naval Medical Center in 2010.
    Neither the Haditha massacte nor the Siege of Fallujah contributed to our national security in the least. Yet guys like Mattis and the murderers he celebrated tread the earth and roam the halls of power still exacting retribution against men like me who stood against such malevolence.


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