Trump Tweets QAnon Conspiracy Theory Message Amid Unrest

‘President Trump reposted a message amid national unrest on Sunday expressing support for the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory, a movement the FBI considers a potential domestic terror threat. In his tweet, Trump quote-tweeted a May 30 tweet from “Sean Cordicon,” a QAnon conspiracy theory promoter. Cordicon’s tweet included a Trump rally highlight reel and a message to his audience that they are “the calm before, during, & after the storm.” Cordicon’s tweet appears to be a reference to “The Storm,” a QAnon concept that imagines Trump and the military suddenly arresting and either executing or imprisoning top Democrats. Trump responded to the tweet with a one-word message of his own: “STRENGTH!” …

Trump’s retweet of the “storm” message was taken as proof by QAnon believers that the arrests were about to begin, with one popular QAnon account tweeting “Here we go.” Earlier on Sunday, Trump declared that he would designate left-wing antifascist “antifa” demonstrators as terrorists. But QAnon believers have committed a number of alleged crimes, having been charged with two murders, a terrorist incident, and two child abduction plots, among other crimes….’

— Via The Daily Beast

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