846fd7c9a41dd1b76ba7ea1aadb1667cNo one appears to have noticed. I’ve barely noticed myself — FmH is twenty years old today. At one point, I had been pondering marking the occasion with some observance — should I make some 20th anniversary merchandise available? maybe offer an anthology of posts as a self-published book? I thought about soliciting your opinions about an appropriate commemoration. Or… I thought about using this as the occasion to retire FmH. At some point it felt like it would be a heroic achievement to make it to 20. But FmH just chugs along as a part of the fabric of my life, not an extraordinary effort at all. You’ve probably noticed that I put less effort into this these days, in the sense of excerpting more, commenting less often and more tersely, fewer and fewer expository essays. It’s less and less important to tell you what I think than to suggest what you might think about, I guess. So, unextraordinarily, we can just keep going on as we are, shall we? And maybe I’ll make some kind of fuss when FmH turns 21. After all, it’ll then attain its majority…

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  1. Twenty years is quite an accomplishment. I came across a link to your blog by accident today, after not having followed you here for years… But I might have known of your blog in 1999, or by the early 2000’s at least. Yours was one of the first three blogs I read, along with The Null Device and wood s lot. All three of you were so prolific and inspiring. The last post at wood s lot was July 13, 2016. I wondered why and just discovered that R. Mark Woods died of cancer on February 9, 2017.

    My wife died of cancer on October 2, 2018. It’s been very hard for me to blog, because we met via our respective blogs (Neurofuture and The Neurocritic) in 2006.

    Well this isn’t a very celebratory comment. Congratulations, nonetheless. I wish you good health.


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