One thought on “Literal ‘brainwashing’ during sleep?

  1. Cleansing the brain and body through “Craniosacral Therapy” will help you sleep better by helping reduce the anxieties and traumas that are a big part of why sleeping can be so difficult for some people. If you type in Craniosacral Therapy in your search ingine you will begin to understand that this fluid that is in our bodies is what keeps us alive and “flows” in our bodies 24/7 except in the times (very rare and needing a guiding hand from a Craniosacral Ttherapist) that people can go into what is called “the still point” where healing can occur at a much deeper level.

    It is always being created by the third, fourth and lateral ventricles in the brain and flows from them all the way down to the tips of our toes and back up to the brain in a rhythmic motion that is referred to as “the tide” which has three different flow rates depending on how busy or how relaxed we are at any particular time of the day. This flow is what keeps all of the bodies systems functioning.

    If you want healing from physical, emotional traumas and other traumas like PTSD and other problems in the body which can begin from conception (acceptance and subsequent behavoral patterns especially from day 30 on or when the parents find out that they are pregnant) to birth (physical, emotional and drug induced) all the way to death these traumas (and many others like car accidents et al can produce like like headaches/migraines which can be removed from the body via “Craniosacral Therapy” and so peoples lives can be much better and more fullfilling without these traumas holding people back.


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