R.I.P. Tony Glover (1939-2019)


Aadc2dc6503e41d18e46599be59c9965 superJumboMaster of the Blues Harmonica Is Dead at 79

Glover came out of the post-beatnik coffeehouse scene in Minneapolis, occasionally playing with Bob Dylan and more regarded as a harpist than Dylan was. In 1963 he began performing with guitarists Spider John Koerner and Dave Snaker Ray as what critic Dave Marsh called “the finest white blues group in the entire folk revival of the era,” channelling the likes of Leadbelly, John Lee Hooker, Son House and Blind Lemon Jefferson. 

Via The New York Times


I wore out several copies of the first Koerner Ray and Glover album, Blues, Rags and Hollers (1963), and I’m going to spin it up right now…

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