The Life-Changing Magic of Unfollowing Almost Everybody

David Cain writes:

‘I unfollowed everybody except accounts who produce tweets I almost always want to see.

This is not the same as following people and businesses you like. That was a big discovery for me: simply liking someone or something isn’t a good reason to follow them on Twitter.

When you start going by whose tweets you like reading, as opposed to who you like for other reasons, you will probably end up following way fewer people.

Mostly, I stuck with:

  • People I know in real life (who aren’t in the habit of tweeting about horrible news events they don’t plan to do anything about)
  • Local events in my city
  • Local shops and businesses I would like to visit more
  • Certain kinds of humor
  • Certain kinds of discussion about certain topics

This kind of curation is definitely not what Twitter wants you to do, so you’ll have to turn to a third party app to efficiently cull your feed. I used Tokimeiki Unfollow, which cleverly allows you to Marie-Kondo-ize your feed, asking yourself if each account still “sparks joy.”

You’ll know what you feel about a given account when you see its name and avatar. You’ll feel a lot of aversion and indifference, and small moments of joy. When in doubt, unfollow. I was ruthless and regret nothing. It took ten minutes….’

Source: Raptitude

One thought on “The Life-Changing Magic of Unfollowing Almost Everybody

  1. hunh! Article is entirely about twitter, which I have never and will never use. How different the proposition is / would be for facebook, I think.

    I disengaged from almost all of my once-treasured, carefully selected facebook friends (145 of them, at peak) because it seemed clear that for them I had stopped living. I was wrong about only 2 of them, who almost immediately noticed and commented.

    I’m surprised, though, if facebook’s and twitter’s fit in the overall culture are that different.


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