Spectre of far-right terror attacks if Brexit is canceled

Images’The world’s law enforcement agencies have a terrible blind spot when it comes to far-right, white supremacist terror groups, treating them as unimportant lone wolves despite their prolific and bloody acts of violence.

The pro-Brexit side in the UK has more than its share of murderous right-wing thugs, who were critical to the passage of the initial Brexit vote, going so far as to stab an anti-Brexit MP to death for her political views.

Now, with the future of Brexit in doubt, there’s reason to worry that these terror cells will exact vengeance on the UK. Yesterday, a video surfaced of British soldiers using a picture of Jeremy Corbyn – who could well be the next Prime Minister of Britain – for target practice.

On the same day, the trial of a neo-Nazi who had plotted the murder of an anti-Brexit MEP concluded.

Other soldiers have been recorded cheering for Tommy Robinson, the founder of the English Defense League, a far-right hate group, who is now an advisor to the UKIP, the political party that led the pro-Brexit movement. Priti Patel, a Tory MP, has called Corbyn “a man who sides with terrorists and socialist dictators.” The right-wing terrorist Darren Osborne – who murdered a man when he drove his van onto the pavement in front of the Houses of Parliament – has said that one of his goals was to murder Corbyn, saying “it would be one less terrorist [on] our streets.”…’

Via Boing Boing