Reports: increasingly frequent cannabis-related violent illness

UnknownOnly solution appears to be cessation of use:

’It’s no longer illegal to smoke marijuana in 10 U.S. states and its medical use is allowed in 33. In Colorado, it’s been fully legal since 2014, with a variety of THC — the active agent in grass — products available for sale. A new study, however, looks to harsh the buzz: There’s been a dramatic rise in emergency-room visits for cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, or CHS.

It’s a condition characterized by stomach pain, extreme nausea, and repeat vomiting. Researchers’ concern is exacerbated by the assumption that if this many people are showing up at ERs, many more are likely to be dealing with it on their own. Part of the appeal of marijuana has always been how unlikely it is that you’ll overdose on it. Doctors don’t yet know exactly what’s going on.…’

Via Big Think

Apparently not an April Fool’s piece.

One thought on “Reports: increasingly frequent cannabis-related violent illness

  1. The problem with these anecdotal reports is that they fail to control for so many factors: dose, form of administration (edibles vs. vape etc.), multiple substances (e.g. alcohol, other drugs). Moreover, with cannabis the heterogeneity of responses, even controling for other factors, is largely unknown.


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