Bogus medical exemptions sought by anti-vaxxers may get revoked in Calif.

GettyImages 567390101 800x534’California state lawmakers this week introduced a bill that would grant the state’s health department the power to approve all medical exemptions for childhood vaccinations, revoke fraudulent exemptions, and maintain a database of exemptions and the physicians who issue them.

The bill, SB 276, is designed to thwart the state’s recent problem of “unethical” doctors exempting children from mandatory vaccinations based on dubious or outright bogus medical grounds—often for fees.…’

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One thought on “Bogus medical exemptions sought by anti-vaxxers may get revoked in Calif.

  1. Vaccines came out at the same time as modern sewer systems.
    The problem I have is that plenty of countries did not vaccinate and the countries that did not vaccinate if they had modern sewer systems they had the same rate of decline in disease as countries that vaccinated.
    The italian supreme court ruled there was a link with autism.
    We exist yet vaccines are new. Why do you believe the human immune system is flawed to the point of injecting poisons in large numbers to babies? Most people that get diseases do not get the wild disease but get the vaccinated version of the disease.


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