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The Mueller Report Is Highly Anticipated. Here’s What We Already Know.

Unknown’After more than two years of criminal indictments and steady revelations about contacts between associates of Donald J. Trump and Russia, we already know a lot about the work done by Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Here are the main findings and lines of inquiry and the people involved in each.…’

Via The New York Times

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Federal judge casts doubt on Trump’s drilling plans across U.S.

E3ES5XSETNF7HJHV3772I4FYXURuling: Interior Department violated federal law by failing to take into account the climate impact of its oil and gas leasing…[F]irst time the Trump administration has been held to account for the climate impact of its energy dominance agenda, and it could have sweeping implications for the president’s plan

Via nola.com

This is good news, and I’m tickled to learn that it comes from legacy activism. The friend, Yvonne, who pointed me to this development, noted that the case was brought by advocacy group Physicians for Social Responsibility. Nearly forty years ago, both she and I were strongly involved in the disarmament activities of this group, founded by charismatic Australian physician Helen Caldicott. PSR took the stance that the threat of nuclear war was an urgent public health threat and organized large numbers of physicians and other health professionals to make it a core issue. So pleased to learn that Caldicott and PSR are still out there fighting the good fight. Thanks, Yvonne!

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Is Trump finally beginning to alienate his ‘base’?

NewImage’…[K]ey supporters are expressing misgivings as they sour on displays of his abrasive, abusive personality. In recent days, Trump has attacked the late Republican war hero John McCain, his own aide’s staunchly conservative, influential husband George Conway, and an autoworker union boss in Ohio.

…[T]here are signs that some voters in key blocs are expressing misgivings. Here are a few examples…’

Via Quartz

…One can only hope.

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Tech billionaires can end global warming. Why aren’t they?

316+fVjaxCL’Saving the world from the apocalyptic impact of climate change should be a dream for many Silicon Valley titans concerned about legacy, says David Wallace-Wells, and yet few are dedicating themselves to addressing the catastrophe. Negative emissions technology funded by Bill Gates exists. It would cost $3 trillion per year to operate and would mean human industry could continue at current levels without global warming. That figure sounds astronomical, however global subsidies to fossil fuel industries cost $5 trillion per year.…’

Via Big Think

The wasabi you think you’re eating isn’t wasabi

Screenshot 83’Real wasabi, Wasabia japonica, is apparently one of the most expensive vegetables to grow. That green stuff you’re eating? Ground horseradish, Chinese mustard, and, you guessed it, green food coloring. Yum.

According to The Atlantic, “Worldwide, experts believe that this imposter combination masquerades as wasabi about 99% of the time.”…’

Via Boing Boing

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The Biology of Death-Feigning

The biology of death feigning 1050x700’Some animals, when faced with predators, play dead instead of trying to escape. But for death-feigning to work, a lot of things have to go well.…’

Via JSTOR Daily

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Trump’s John McCain funeral rant, decoded

Orange Menace continues to unravel:

1137080038 jpg 0’President Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the late Sen. John McCain in the past weeks, for reasons known largely to himself. On Wednesday, Trump escalated his feud with a dead man, launching into an unprompted rant about McCain’s funeral (among other things) during a speech at a tank factory in Lima, Ohio.…’

Via Vox