Trump Won’t Be The 2020 Republican Nominee

William Spivey writes in Medium:

’Rest assured, potential Republican challengers are making secret plans to be the literal white knight to rescue the Party from the chaos that is Trump. Presenting themselves as the rational alternative to the man circling the political drain. It’s the Democrats who must have a strategy besides running against Donald J. Trump. What if the only message they have is, “Trump is bad,” and it turns out he isn’t on the ballot?
At the moment, enough Republicans have tied themselves to the Trump anchor that it’s hard to see a Republican victory. But it’s a long time between now and the election in November of 2020. Democrats need to have a plan for a different Nominee…’

Via Medium

2 thoughts on “Trump Won’t Be The 2020 Republican Nominee

  1. Trump has always been a figurehead, the name for a set of values and policies that we can now call (only because he is the figurehead) Trumpism. DJT may be all but gone, but Trumpism is not at all gone, and rest assured its adherents will, with a vengeance, anoint some flag-bearer, someone who will, of course, have to be personally defeated, but the key challenge is to defeat his/her supporting forces.


  2. I think that was the point of the article. The opposition must not simply portray themselves as better than Trump; they must have positions that contrast to Trumpism. It will not be easy because Trump is a stupid and clumsy advocate and the next candidate will most likely not be.


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