Michael Cohen’s Credibility Has Never Been More Certain

Cohen Credible 1127534943

’Utterly broken but oddly confident, Cohen gave answers both crisp and precise. He often corrected basic facts from his congressional questioners and clarified specifically both answers and questions. He laid out reasons for seeking redemption that seemed relatable and understandable. In the process, he gave the most sensible narrative to date of Donald Trump’s unsavory journey to the White House.…’


One thought on “Michael Cohen’s Credibility Has Never Been More Certain

  1. s c miller

    If all of John Dean’s revelations were exposed today, would they have the same impact? I doubt it, therefore expect that Cohen’s public show (which probably revealed nothing whatsoever that’s hasn’t been available before) will cause some hand-wringing but nothing more. GOP don’t care, despite his pulling the public narrative together, and even Ds will feel hamstrung about doing anything because of GOP’s control of the Senate. Pointless, shallow TV drama, good for no more than a week’s worth of ad revenue for the TV broadcast and channel conglomerates.


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