Arctic warming is not just a data point

NewImagePaul Nicklen:

’I have either lived or worked in the Arctic for most of my life. There is no place that I love more. The Arctic is also warming twice as fast as anywhere else on Earth. On this day, four years ago, I photographed two young bears who were lying dead next to one another. Top polar bear scientists are saying that we will likely lose 30 percent of the polar bear population by 2050 due to starvation and we could lose polar bears all together within a hundred years. I want the world to realize that these are not just data points falling off a sheet paper. These are individuals that are and will starve to death due to the lack of sea ice. What is it going to take for us to wake up? It was on this day that @sealegacy was born. I am proud of the work that @sealegacy is doing. We have come a long way but we are only just getting started. If we are going to create real and lasting change for our planet, then we need to quickly scale our organization and take on bigger campaigns. Please go to the link in my bio and please consider a donation of any size. Please join us in #turnthetide #becomepartofthesolution #gratitude…’

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