Why the Best Things in Life Are All Backwards

Mark Manson writes:

‘…[D]esiring a positive experience is itself a negative experience; accepting a negative experience is a positive experience. …’

Source: Mark Manson

2 thoughts on “Why the Best Things in Life Are All Backwards

  1. grzz40

    well, ok, but first let me point out that “willingly risk his life in the service of some higher value or goal” seems to honor his main point in the breach.

    Then, second, why write a piece with 20 (or 40, or is it 60?) barely-tweet-long paragraphs that all present the same thesis, each only slightly reworked?

    But most of all, forgive me for being critical, mea culpa, I shall endeavor to find the wisdom in it and certainly accept it.



  2. grzz40

    More positively, a trusted friend learned from her father, “Don’t complain about things you can’t fix”, and I do accept that the article reinforces that.



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