Are Big Questions a Good Idea?

Unknown’Philosophers are supposed to ask Big Questions. The Big Questions is the title of a popular introduction to philosophy and of a long-running BBC programme in which people discuss their ethical and religious perspectives. But since we philosophers, following in the footsteps of Socrates, claim to practice critical thinking, it behooves us to ask whether Big Questions are a good idea.

It’s not easy to say precisely what makes a question big; but we can at least give a few examples form the history of philosophy so that we have some idea what we’re talking about:…’

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One thought on “Are Big Questions a Good Idea?

  1. After a fairly long lifetime of trying to deal with big questions, I propose that they are always based in language (words, purely wordy concepts even when based in intense feelings) and self-indulgent or self-referential because of often, if not always, hiding a motive of trying to find or create universal cultural constants — about gods, devils, good, evil, justice, retribution, right, wrong, fat, thin, pretty, ugly, nice, bad, and the like. However, since that’s but a proposal, it is a question, and a big one, at that, … but ignore it at your peril..


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