How to Spot the Next Mass Shooter

Fcrzpb9c1drhjiufrlvd’The FBI released a report earlier this year on “pre-attack behaviors” of mass shooters, Quartz reports. … The FBI writes in the report’s conclusion:

What emerges is a complex and troubling picture of individuals who fail to successfully navigate multiple stressors in their lives while concurrently displaying four to five observable, concerning behaviors, engaging in planning and preparation, and frequently communicating threats or leaking indications of an intent to attack.

It takes a community to spot all the red flags, they say. But they include forms of abuse, harassment, bullying, and violence, to name just a few. Among the red flags:

  • Threats or confrontations (35 percent of shooters)
  • Physical aggression (33 percent) 
  • Anger that concerns people around them (33 percent) 
  • Intimate partner violence (16 percent of shooters) and stalking (11 percent)
  • Suicidal ideation (48 percent) 
  • “Concerning” interpersonal behavior (57 percent) 
  • Inappropriate firearms use (21 percent)

Via Lifehacker


Obvious caveat: while mass shooters may display this cluster of behaviors, far from everyone displaying this cluster of behaviors becomes a mass shooter. 

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