Jeff Flake says he’ll block judicial nominees until a Mueller protection bill gets a vote

973543570 jpg 0’Sen. Jeff Flake, the lame-duck Arizona senator who’s long clashed with President Donald Trump, is once again threatening to use his position to express concerns about executive power and the fate of the Russia investigation.

It’s not an empty threat. But it’s not yet clear to what extent he’ll follow through.

Flake said on Wednesday that he would oppose all judicial nominees coming through the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate floor until Majority Leader Mitch McConnell puts a bill protecting special counsel Robert Mueller up for a vote.…’

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McConnell just said there’s no need for a “protect Mueller” bill. Trump already made that look silly.

1027286420 jpg 0Trump rages against Robert Mueller:


’In an angry Twitter rant, Trump describes Mueller as “a disgrace to our Nation.”…’



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