Is It Time to Say Good-Bye to the Mediterranean?

VeniceFlooding 1050X700’The Mediterranean region, colloquially called the cradle of civilization, may not be able support much of that civilization within the next 50 years. For starters, it’s poised to suffer from the changing climate much worse than many other locales, according to a paper published by an international network of scientists who worked together to synthesize the predictions and risks for the region.

Future warming in the Mediterranean region will likely surpass global rates by 25 percent, with summer temperatures increasing at a pace 40 percent larger than the global mean, the paper notes. Precipitation will decrease but heavy rainfalls will intensify, with possibly destructive outcomes. Heat waves will get more severe. While the 2003 summer European heat wave was deemed as one of the worst on record, responsible for 22,000 to 35,000 human deaths, as well as killing thousands of birds and fish, the future will bring harsher and more frequent spikes. Droughts and heat waves will spark more wildfires. In warmer weather more disease-carrying pests will survive, spreading West Nile virus, Dengue, and chikungunya further north. During the hot summer of 2017, outbreaks of chikungunya happened in France and Italy and recently, dengue fever was reported in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain.…’

Via JSTOR Daily


One thought on “Is It Time to Say Good-Bye to the Mediterranean?

  1. grzz40 7 Nov 18 / 4.22 pm

    50 years, “meh” as far as US audiences are concerned. Whatever will be will be. You can count on US government to block any constructive action on the US’s part and as much as possible on anyone else’s part. US regions, states, and smaller entities are unable to do anything.


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