Are you a Boltzmann Brain?

Why nothing in the universe may be real:Unknown

’The paradox of the Boltzmann Brain can really pull the rug from under you if you follow it to all of its logical and illogical extents. This mind-churning idea proposes that the world is quite possibly just an effect of your disembodied consciousness and doesn’t really exist. And your sense of self is just a statistical fluctuation. It’s something that is more likely to come into existence by chance than the Universe that would have had to produce it.…’

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One thought on “Are you a Boltzmann Brain?

  1. grzz40 26 Oct 18 / 9.02 am

    Merely revisiting a speculation that is at least as old as the 1960s? For example, did Robert S. Cohen or maybe even Joseph Agassi (both at Boston University at the time) explore the idea? Who was the first to pose it, in scholarship or in fiction?

    Probably an invalid (pun with ‘sick’ may be apt) association, but the apparent incompatibility of friendships, acqaintanceships, and strangerships in facebook’s virtual reality with parallel real-world relationships comes to mind. Patently obvious, it puzzles me, makes me wonder about old-fashioned pen-pal relationships, CB radio relationships, amateur radio “rag-chewers” relationships, and even among 19th century telegraphers….


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