Three Hard Truths About American Collapse

Umair Haque writes:

‘America’s probably not going to recover in our lifetimes, if ever (even if the good guys win the next election.) Let me start with some alarming and necessary factoids. America’s a country whose three main indicators are all blinking nine-alarm red — they’re what “collapse” really means. Life expectancy’s falling. Real incomes are shrinking. And 80% of people live paycheck to paycheck. By all means — elect someone not quite so terrible as Trump. It might mitigate those, but it’s not going to magically alter the downwards trajectory. The American future is a grim choice between a return to yesterday’s slow collapse and the continuation of today’s light-speed implosion — probably not anything remotely like Europe or Canada’s gentle, hopeful upwards trend in quality of life. …’

Source: Eudaimonia and Co

One thought on “Three Hard Truths About American Collapse

  1. Thanks for posting this. I followed the link and read the article. Very depressing, but aligns with my own assessment the State of the Nation. As a “civil society” of the kind DeTocqueville describe so long ago, America has been in decline. Economically, it seems like a powerful aging beast; still capable of surges of energy (like the technology revolution) but running out of natural habitat and facing an increasing predatory world. Whether I will live to see a total collapse I don’t know, but I do have a child and grandchildren.


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