Wondered why…

…I was getting a lot of new subscribers all of a sudden. I had thought it was because I had pulled the trigger on my Facebook account, where I had previously been crossposting everything on FmH. In my goodbye message to the Facebook world, I suggested that some of the people who had been reading me there might continue to follow me by seeking out the source. But as it turns out none of the new subscribers appeared to be my erstwhile Facebook friends.

I decided to look in my referrer logs and realized that people were probably coming from kottke.org, who had written about a number of us old (and new) blogging dinosaurs in a post called Blogging is most certainly not dead. Thanks for including me, Jason. Many other sites worthy of worthy of our attention — I’m just beginning to explore this new cornucopia — are mentioned in his post. [Thanks to Bruce for bringing me to kottke’s attention.]


2 thoughts on “Wondered why…

  1. G 24 Apr 18 / 2.12 am

    As one of the ‘new people’ following your blog, I was delighted to find (and rediscover some 15 odd years later) new blogs. Here’s to those of us with staying power… or, you know… nothing else better to do?


  2. shyzer 1 May 18 / 1.05 pm

    Count me among one of the new readers looking to rekindle that old blogging feeling from the early aughts!


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