Lots of Reasons to Read ‘Big Think’ today

Wallp 671Scientists Discovered What Causes Dementia. Researchers claim to have found direct correlation between age-related dementia changes and toxic brain urea levels. The question: elevated how?..(Read their study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.)


Why You Can Miss Things Happening Right in Front of You. It is called change blindness, and you probably have it…

‘Let the Soul Dangle’: How Mind-Wandering Spurs Creativity. The benefits of keeping an idle mind.

Human CRISPR Trials Will Happen in 2018. They’ll Look Like This.. In vivo editing of the human genome.

Life Should Be Widespread Throughout the Universe, Study Finds. Recent discoveries establish that microbial life on earth arose much earlier than previously suspected, confirming that it is not difficult for primitive life to evolve in conditions we might have considered inhospitable. So life elsewhere in the universe could be much more prevalent. 

How a Wild Theory About Nelson Mandela Proves the Existence of Parallel Universes. ‘In 2017, the Mandela Effect was invoked by people who thought the CERN supercollider created a rip in reality and we are now living in one where Donald Trump is President…’ [I wish I could enter an alternative reality in which it was not so…]

Energy Drinks and Junk Food Are Destroying Teenage Brain Development

Scientists Accidentally Invent Glass You Can Fix in a Literal Pinch. First real-world-usable, truly self-healing material for phones — a little time, a little pressure and, voila, no more cracked screens….

Profound Effects on Brain Function from Ketogenic Diets

Calculator Indicates How Many More Years of Good Health You Have Left

Can This North Korean Weapon Take Out 90% of American Populace?