Critic: “21 Movies I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Love”

Germain Lussier wrote (Source: 21 Movies I’m Embarrassed to Admit I Love):

‘We all have them. Our guilty pleasure movies. Movies we like that we don’t like to tell other people. Films that bring us unbridled joy while making others cringe in pain. Films so many people hate but you just, somehow, for whatever reason, love. This is my list. Here are 21 movies that I’m embarrassed I like at all, let alone as much as I do, in alphabetical order…’

I have seen five of the movies on this list and am not embarrassed to say that I liked all five. Moreover, I agree with Lussier that one — Cloud Atlas — was overwhelmingly good, not at all a guilty pleasure but a pure pleasure. But perhaps that was because David Mitchell’s book, from which it is adapted, is even more of a pure pleasure, on my list of the very best modern novels. It is one of those books about which I say that the most likely reason you did not like it is that you did not really understand it.

(PS: Beyond the five I have seen, I cannot conceive of having any desire to waste my time seeing any of the other films on the list.)