2011 Video Shows Donald Trump Sexually Humiliating Woman Before Large Audience

Giving a talk on how to take revenge in Sydney Australia in 2011, Strumpf decides to illustrate by summoning up to the stage a former Miss Universe who he feels had rebuffed him in the past. Degrades her and attempts an unwanted kiss. Source: <a href=”http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/donald-trump-jennifer-hawkins-video_us_58137b85e4b0390e69cfbbba“>Huffington Post</a>

I no longer make these posts in incredulity about how Strumpf acts, but in incredulity and outrage that 40% of the electorate could still vote for the misogynistic bullying pig. I feel confident in saying that, after his he is drummed off the public stage in a satisfying and I hope overwhelming defeat next Tuesday, any embarrassing individual foolish enough to admit that s/he was a Strumpf supporter will find it impossible to be treated with respect by any thinking person.