Selections from Vox’s Quality Trump Coverage Today

5 compelling reasons to stop calling Trump’s comments “locker room talk”: Donald Trump and his surrogates have been trying to dismiss the leaked tape that turned his campaign upside-down as being just “locker room talk.” He did so in a written statement immediately following the tape’s release, and during Sunday night’s presidential debate when he repeatedly dodged Anderson Cooper’s direct questions about what he said on the tape.But let’s be clear: The footage features Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women.

The Daily Show dismantles Trump’s nonsense excuse about “locker room talk”: “If you conduct ‘locker room talk’ everywhere, it’s not the locker room,” Trevor Noah said. “It’s you.”

Dear Donald Trump: I played in the NFL. Here’s what we really talk about in the locker room. You’re wrong, and only the type of wrong an over-tanned ham hock like yourself can accomplish, plummeting past the morass of gross incivility into the abyss of depraved sociopathy. — Chris Kluwe.

Why Donald Trump’s furious tweetstorm at Paul Ryan is so revealing: He’s trailing Hillary Clinton by double digits in some polls, but Donald Trump has now adopted a promising strategy that could rejuvenate his flailing campaign.Haha, just kidding! Trump has decided to declare war on his own party via Twitter, attacking Paul Ryan and turning the GOP into a circular firing squad just four weeks from Election Day.

Watch Samantha Bee take down Donald Trump with the “vagina monologue” he deserves: “In fact, ‘Take a Tic Tac and grab them by the pussy’ is the closest thing to a plan Trump has described this election,” Bee said.

Trump: Warren Buffett avoids taxes like me. Buffett: Nope, and here’s my taxes to prove it.  As a final knife twist, Buffett notes that he is currently being audited — but is releasing information from his return anyway, since that is totally allowed, despite Trump’s protests to the contrary.

Donald Trump’s threat to imprison Hillary Clinton is a threat to democracy: There is no way to sugarcoat this: At Sunday night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump threatened to throw Hillary Clinton in jail if he wins the presidency. This — threatening to jail one’s political opponents — is how democratic norms die.