Elizabeth Warren: Trump sounded like a “two-bit dictator” in his RNC speech

‘Donald Trump’s speech accepting the nomination for Republican presidential nominee was scary. Really scary. Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Elizabeth Warren said that Trump sounded like “some two-bit dictator of a country you couldn’t find on a map.”

“I wanna defend him for a second here” Colbert responded. “He’s not a two-bit dictator. He sounded like a billionaire dictator.” Warren stressed the stakes while on The Late Show, saying that all jokes aside, Trump should not be underestimated. She called the RNC the “nastiest, most divisive convention that we’ve seen in half a century,” acknowledging that people have a right to be angry over issues (college debt, flat incomes, high rent), but “Donald Trump does not have the answers.” …’

Source: Vox