Lots of Thought-Provoking Links This Week in Big Think

Some within the autism community take issue with seeing autistic people as having a disorder, decrying the “cure culture”.
If There Are Other Dimensions, Where Are They? 

Theoretical physicist Brian Greene discusses how we may not be able to see other dimensions.
The Science Behind Why Cops Kill Black Men – And How to Fix it 

Cops use the same mechanism to make split-second life-or-death decisions that we do. But that mechanism is kind of a racist idiot. We Depend on Comedians to Ask the Questions Newscasters Won’t 

When the news media don’t do their job, comedians step in to ask the tough questions.
This Aspect of a Father’s Health Can Increase his Daughter’s Breast Cancer Risk 

Though those of the mother have been researched, the father’s biometrics are now getting a closer look.
Will We See An End to the Brand Ambassador? 

Hash-tag capitalism, paid posts, and transparent (but not honest) sponsored captions – will this social media influencer trend ever end?
The Thing Is We Don’t Really Want What We Think We Desire 

Slavoj Žižek considers the pursuit of happiness to be dumb because we don’t really want it anyway.
The Very Common Painkiller Linked to Autism and Hyperactivity in Children 

A new study links one of the world’s most popular painkillers to an increase in autism spectrum and hyperactivity symptoms.
Is Loss of Community the #1 Cause of Depression? Sebastian Junger on PTSD 

Sebastian Junger takes a big-picture look at depression, PTSD, and the importance of the tribe in his new book.
Ozone Hole Could Be Completely Healed by 2050 

The atmosphere is on the mend, according to an article published in Science . It took almost 30 years for the ban on ozone-depleting substances to work and scientists are saying the ozone could be completely healed by the middle of the century.
Scientists Discover Brain Circuits Attached to Mood, and How to Hack Them 

Emotional hacking is real with implications toward mental health. What if this got into the wrong hands? We could be joyously enslaved without the emotional countenance to fight back.
52 Common Myths, Rumors and Falsehoods Debunked 

A list debunking commonly believed falsehoods, misconceptions and just bad ideas.
Would God Create a World Full of Other Competing Gods? 

The conflict between faiths is one good reason to doubt God’s existence.
What Drugs the Kids Are Using and Why 

An expansive new study makes clear the extent of the problem and the importance of parents in avoiding teen drug use.
Psychopath Test: Would You Kill Baby Hitler? 

Wherein moral conundrums could determine the fate of millions — and how a psychopath might respond to them.
How Henry Rollins Escaped the Bleak Existence He Calls “The America” 

Henry Rollins talks about how fear of winding up starting in The America drove his to his remarkable career.
That Time Neutrinos Moved Faster Than Light. Major Uh-Oh. 

Michio Kaku tells the story of one super-scary mistake in physics and reminds us how hard it is to get science right.
No Biggie, Neil deGrasse Tyson Just Proposed a New Kind of Government 

Neil deGrasse Tyson proposes an ideal form of government and causes a viral debate.