Blanket ban on ‘legal highs’ in England and Wales to begin

‘The introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act was originally due to come into force on 6 April, but was delayed following claims its definition of “psychoactivity” was not practically enforceable by the police and prosecutors. The legislation is designed to outlaw the trade in legal highs, synthetic chemicals that imitate the effects of traditional illicit drugs such as cannabis and ecstasy, but does not make their possession outside a prison a criminal offence.

The introduction of similar legislation in Ireland triggered a wave of closures of shops and online outlets, although few prosecutions have followed due to difficulties proving in Irish law whether a substance is psychoactive.When the Home Office confirmed the delay in March, it said it was in the final stages of putting in place a programme of testing to demonstrate a substance’s psychoactivity before implementing the ban…’

Source: The Guardian