“HoodsOff 2015″ in full effect as Anonymous publishes the names of KKK members — including four sitting US senators

‘The ongoing war between the online hacktivist group Anonymous and the Ku Klux Klan took another turn Monday with the release of the identities those infamous hoods are meant to obscure — a list that includes North Carolina Senator Thomas Tillis, Texas Senator John Cornyn, George Senator John Hardy Isakson, and Indiana Senator Dan Coats.

The exact nature of these senators’ affiliations was not revealed, and another “unhooded” politician — Lexington, Kentucky Mayor Jim Gray — took to Twitter to vigorously deny any association with the racist organization. Knoxville, Tennessee Mayor Madeline Rogero also denied having connections, writing on Facebook that “I’m not even sure this is worth responding to, but for the record: There is a list circulating online purporting to ‘out’ elected officials as members of the KKK. For reasons unfathomable to me or anyone who knows me, my name is on the list.” ‘

Source: Salon.com

Watch This Harrowing Account of What It’s Like to Die From a Snakebite

‘In 1957, American herpetologist Karl P. Schmidt was bitten by a poisonous boomslang snake. With no anti-venom available—and mistakenly believing he hadn’t received a fatal dose—he proceeded to do what any diligent scientist would do: he kept a detailed diary chronicling the last agonizing hours of his life.This fascinating video of Schmidt’s “Death Diary” was produced by ScienceFriday. But be warned, the descriptions in the video are quite graphic and disturbing…’

Source: Gizmodo