These 50 Treasured Places Are At Risk of Disappearing

‘Fifty cultural heritage sites in 36 countries are threatened by everything from climate change and looting to natural disasters and commercial development, according to a report released Thursday by the World Monuments Fund.Compiled every two years, the World Monuments Watch list raises awareness and mobilizes funding for the preservation of endangered sites of outstanding significance. In its 20-year history, the program has named 790 sites in 135 countries and arranged roughly $350 million of financial support for treasured places around the world.POPULAR STORIES An Isolated Tribe Is Emerging From Peru’s Amazonian WildernessWill a New Bout of King Tut Fever Bring Visitors Back to Egypt?Will a New Bout of King Tut Fever Bring Visitors Back to Egypt?The 50 sites on the 2016 list range from World War II concentration camps in Italy to the approximately 5,000-year-old underwater city of Pavlopetri off the coast of the Southern Peloponnese in Greece.’

Source: National Geographic

Extraordinary Artificial Skin Can Transmit Sense Of Touch To Brain Cells

‘Even though there have been incredible advancements in the field of prosthetics, including some more unorthodox ones, those who are unfortunate enough to lose a body part will be unable to replicate the sense of touch with their artificial limb. A remarkable new study by a team of Stanford University engineers, published today in Science, has perhaps begun to finally address this problem: they have created a plastic skin that can “feel,” transmitting sensory information as an electric signal to the brain.’

Source: IFLScience